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Tampa party bus is a fantastic transportation company looking to serve you to the fullest!

With all of the activities in our beautiful Tampa - St. Pete area, whether you're planning a big event or simply wish to indulge in a raucous night out on the town with friends... you're certainly going to want to consider a professional mode of transportation to extend your enjoyment to it's fullest. One of the most common reasons our friends enlist us for services is because with a limousine bus in Tampa, there won't be a need for finding a designated driver. This provides enjoyment potential for everyone in your group, instead of singling out someone to be the so-called "babysitter". In the end, this goes a long way to making your night out an unbelievable experience. All that's left is room for fun when you get rid of all of the little inconveniences that add up. We've been servicing the Tampa area for quite a while, and the locals know that we're the company to call when professional transportation is on your mind. We guarantee that the quality of our vehicles and service beats that of the competition.

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Great chauffeur experience... You're in for a real treat!

If you've made it to this point on our website, you already know that we have a full selection of crazy-cool Tampa limousine buses and stretch limos. So, you might now be curious to know about the fine people we put behind the wheel on the day or night of your event. Let us simply tell you that our chauffeurs are the very best drivers on the road in Tampa! We conduct our recruiting intensively and extensively throughout the area so that we can be sure we find only the cream of the crop. We then take this a step further by putting each recruit through an in-depth training process that includes elements of customer service, emergency management, and even road testing. We do this to ensure that you have the most pleasant and stress free experience while on the road with us, every single time. You'll always be ensured of a safe trip with us, and your itinerary will be seamless as our drivers are required to have the most state of the art and current GPS technology to ensure timely arrivals and drop-offs.

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There's more to us than our unbelievable chauffeurs!

While it's true that our chauffeurs are the front line folks, and the most visible part of your experience; there's a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes on a day to day basis. The folks who take care of our daily operations, are those who make our company what it is today! First of all, you probably already know just how unbelievably friendly and knowledgeable our booking agents are. They are the ones who will ensure that you get a properly sized vehicle for your group, that the aesthetic elements of the vehicle you choose is the right choice for your event and for your party. They also are the ones who will handle any detail and fix any issue, should one arise (don't worry, it's extremely rare). However, take heart in knowing that there are also awesome people who you may never meet, that ensure our fleet and our accommodations are provided without a hitch. They are the mechanics and porters who handle the operation of the vehicles as well as the awesome cleanliness that we want every single one of our clients to enjoy each and every time we send a vehicle out on the road. Because of these awesome teammates, you will find our limousine buses to be safe, and stylish! We are constantly updating our fleet with all of the latest features, and replacing vehicles that no longer meet our astronomical standards of excellence. Because of our people, your party will be one to remember when you look back on your time with us. What are you waiting for? Get in touch today!

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