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We completely understand that you might have a few questions for us before dropping down your hard earned money for what is truly, a luxurious experience. For your convenience, we have provided you with some of the more popular questions that our booking agents are confronted with on a day to day basis. While, we don't expect that every query can be addressed here, there is a possibility that what you need to know can be found right here.

In the case that your question is not found here, there's absolutely no problem on our end if you wish to get in touch. Phone or email, it doesn't matter to us! Whichever method is most comfortable for you. However, we would like to note, that if your question needs to be answered expeditiously, it's always advisable to call since that is the easiest way to ensure that your query takes precedence.

We don't allow for smoking of any kind to take place. Why? Well, it's primarily an issue of cleanliness. We wish to provide both our smoking and non-smoking customers with what we like to refer to as "white-glove" clean vehicles for each and every event we service. Smoking does not lend itself well to cleanliness and also invites the random cigarette burn which, also detracts from the appearance of our interiors for future clients. It also is another way to ensure that we minimize your risk in incurring damage fees.

Since most every trip includes unlimited stops as well as unlimited mileage, simply inform your chauffeur that you'd like to have a comfort break, and they'll pull over to accommodate you at the first safest point to do so.

Certainly, as long as you and everyone in your group is 21 years of age or older! There are even bar areas for your convenience. We supply the ice and cups, you bring along your favorite beverages!

Unfortunately, we do not have restrooms in our vehicles. However, as is mentioned in other areas on this page and on this website, our trips typically are contracted to include unlimited stops and mileage. So, whenever you need a restroom break, our chauffeur will accommodate at the safest opportunity to do so.

We are at your service, and will be happy to pick up anyone you need us to. Since your trip comes with unlimited stops, this is well within the parameters of your contract. However, many of our clients wish to maximize their time together so, they tend to get everyone together at one location prior to our arrival so that the party can get started (and keep going) for the maximum allotment of time possible.

The short answer to this is this: You get to keep having fun! However, the longer answer is that we do not charge an additional "fee" for overtime. You will simply pay at the pre-agreed hourly rate until your trip is ready to end. We feel that this is the fairest and best policy, and our clients agree. Who wants to pay extra for anything? Not us, and we don't like to force you to do so either.

Mostly, the appearance is cosmetic. A stretch limousine will be most often based around an automobile chassis or even an SUV chassis. Conversely, a limousine bus (also known as a party bus) will be just what it says... A limousine in bus form! They are both a perfect choice for any event. However, there are clients who will prefer a more traditional limousine for the more swanky reputation attributed to them (think black-tie events). While those who put a priority on ultimate comfort and convenience will prefer the limousine bus as it affords the maximum space, head room, and leg room when you're accommodating a good amount of guests.

Limousine buses make a great mode of transportation for bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, corporate events, sporting games, school dances, and much more. You don't even need a reason to rent one!
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